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The Book on Frank Buckles: Americas Last Doughboy WWI

The Book on Frank Buckles: Americas Last Doughboy.

Click image for the life story of the last Doughboy

My Grandfather served in WWI and was stationed in Europe. He died nearly 25 years ago and was in his 90’s.

Majority in Poll Back Employees In Public Unions

Majority in Poll Back Employees In Public Unions – NYTimes.com.

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Of course, create a tiered system for new hires and bump-up health insurance percentages for everyone (over time). And this quote is a good summary of why public servants should not be vilified:

“I just feel they do a job that needs to be done, and in our country today if you work hard, then you should be able to have a home, be able to save for retirement and you should be able to send your kids to college,” he said. “Most public employees have to struggle to do those things, and generally both spouses must work.”

200 West 72nd Street UWS “The Corner” Fully Leased for $3k-$18.5k in Only Nine Months

Upper West Sides The Corner Fully Leased Up – Fill Er Up – Curbed NY.

200 West 72nd Street

Click for floorplans and story...

Nice. I wonder if this was originally planned as a condo. Great floorplans with lots of light and outdoor space.

Lady Gaga’s Premiere of ‘Born This Way’

via YouTube – Lady Gaga – Born This Way.

PS22 Chorus “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks

via YouTube – PS22 Chorus “Landslide” for Stevie Nicks.

Anti-LGBT Leader, Rev. Grant Storms Charged with Public Obscenity

Southern Decadence protest leader booked with masturbating at Metairie park | NOLA.com.

Creep. Perv. ‘Christian’ hater.

Gwyneth Paltrow On Glee: Sings Stevie Nicks’ Iconic Landslide

Gwyneth Paltrow On Glee: Sings Landslide VIDEO.

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Good execution and great song.


Click here for Gwyneth’s new Los Angeles area mansion….

Paltrow - Martin