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The $100M Estate in Santa Barbara, Bellosguardo (Beautiful View): Will it Become a Museum?

via Santa Barbara, Bellosguardo: Owner, 104, is far removed from her seaside jewel – latimes.com.


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The owner is 104 and lives in a hospital in NYC. She has not stepped foot in her seaside estate in 20 years. The owner has no immediate family and there are hopes that this mansion will be donated to the City or become a museum.

Boston Red Sox Update: Youkilis and Pedroia are Pleased with Spring Debuts (vs. Boston College)

Youkilis and Pedroia are pleased with spring debuts – Extra Bases – Red Sox blog.

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Protesters Across US Decry Scott Walker WI Anti-Union Efforts

Protesters across US decry Wis. anti-union efforts.

Nationwide Solidarity for Unions

Yes, we need unions and we need unions to realize that many of their members should share a greater percentage of healthcare / pensions costs than they do now (teachers,police,firefighters etc.). The problem is not the unions but the governmental officials that agreed to the unions’ outlandish demands.

Studio 360 Live: Josh Ritter, Martha Plimpton, & Junot Diaz – Listen to Podcast

Studio 360 Live: Josh Ritter, Martha Plimpton, & Junot Diaz – Studio 360.

Marha Plimpton

Martha’s great.

33 East 70th Street Wins Most Cluttered Award and is For Sale at $10.2M

The Most Overfurnished Apartment on the UES Can Be Yours! – On The Market – Curbed NY.

33 East 70th Street

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OMFG. Couldn’t the broker use photoshop or maybe commission an artist to paint a portrait without all of the Sh?t?

At the Dakota, Alphonse Fletcher vs. the Co-Op Board

What a nice apartment…just sold in 2014 (or late 2013)….The Co-op’s head sold this for $27.5M

Dakota Barnes Hendeles

At the Dakota, Alphonse Fletcher vs. the Board – NYTimes.com.

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Co-Op Boards need transparency. Co-Op Boards need to be regulated by State and/or Federal law.

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Curbed.com Details on the Apartment he Cannot Buy…

This listing is FABULOUS….The Current Board President’s Co-op…