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Rosario Candela-designed Co-Op at 834 Fifth Avenue Sells for $36M

Developer buys Wexner’s 834 Fifth Avenue co-op for $36 million | The Real Deal | New York Real Estate News.


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I prefer UWS…this building is at 64th St.


MLB Baseball Gave Mets / Wilpon Secret $25 Million Loan: More Madoff Fallout

Baseball Gave Mets Secret $25 Million Loan – NYTimes.com.

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For Sale. A majority share of a losing team.

PR’s GOP Roberto Arango is the Grindr On-All-Fours Dude and GOP Chris Lee is The Craigslist Congressman

The Craigslist Congressman and the Crossdressing Prostitute.

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Perv. Liar. GOP.

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Click for what this two-faced GOPer has to say....(I guess he's a bottom)..

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Obama Makes History with Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard

44 – Obama makes history with social secretary pick.

Jeremy Bernard

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Congratulations. But, is this sort-of a stereotyped job placement?

The Winningest Oscar Winner is Edith Head ~ Listen to Podcast

Fishko Files: Edith Head – WNYC.


Edith Head


Costume designer and iconic personality-Edith Head.

26848 Pacific Coast Highway at Only $250,000 per MONTH – Malibu, CA Real Estate

via Top 3 Most Expensive Malibu Vacation Rentals | The Malibu Real Estate Blog.

26848 Pacific Coast Highway

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Or, try the Hamptons-the water is much warmer.