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Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills House For Sale for $42M

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For Sale

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Jennifer Aniston’s New House For Sale : Home Bunch – An Interior Design & Luxury Homes Blog.

She’s heading to NYC. Maybe she’ll make her Broadway debut (real estate only please, not acting).


Jen’s house hits the market at $42M-Click here

White Plains, NY Mayor Adam Bradley resigns amid domestic abuse charge

White Plains Mayor Bradley resigns | LoHud.com | The Journal News.

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Finally, he is gone. His hanging-on was a disservice to the city and his family. What an egotistical loser/criminal.

The Honey Badger ~ A mammal with an attitude

Justin Bieber Dies on ‘CSI’ And Now He’s Named in a Paternity Suit!


Bieber Dies on ‘CSI’ 02/17/11 – TV Replay – AOL Video.

You all know what usually happens to child stars!




Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill

Too much too soon @ WI

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Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill.

Public workers sure need to pay a higher percentage of healthcare premiums and pensions than they do now. Enact a gradual increase and create new tiers for new-hires (with higher contribution percentages). The bully governor needs to back off and re-think his toxic ideas. Public servants are not villains but the GOP is certainly casting them as such.