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Grammy Awards 2011: Winners List

Click on Debbie for the list of winners.

Grammy Awards 2011: Winners List.

Lady Gaga seemed surprised to win as she kissed her father. Lady Antebellum’s song is very good and won, again. Who is the best new artist? Why not Florence + The Machine?? I don’t want to see any Will Smith spawn (or him and his Mrs.) on camera again. Babs wore a nice gown and is getting along in years. Rhianna is totally overrated-she sings one note-enough! Christina A. looks very bloated and fell down but did not mess us the lyrics. Katy Perry is beautiful and sings fun songs. I hope Justin Bieber’s voice changes- a lot. Norah Jones is a beauty and has a beautiful voice. Who are The Suburbs? Oh well, I just purchased one of their songs (sounds good!)…and now I just got the whole album. And, now after some research, ¬†Esperanza Spalding really is a wonderful artist.

Lady Gaga on the GRAMMY Red Carpet – Stefani is gonna HATCH

She’s gonna hatch!

The 135th Westminster Dog Show – I vote for the Irish Terrier



The 135th Westminster Dog Show – Boston.com.

I vote for the Irish Terrier!!

Lady Gaga on Grammys and Her Monster Ball Tour Hits Northeast Soon

Lady Gaga’s Website


I’ve got tickets to the Boston show…With the Scissor Sisters!

Watch Mister Rogers testify before US Senate asking for PBS funding


Welcome to the neighborhood…Things have not changed! We are still begging for funding!

Clarence Thomas Keeps 5-Year Supreme Court Silence – If Only Virginia Thomas Did the Same

Click on pigs for story on Thomas

Clarence Thomas Keeps 5-Year Supreme Court Silence – NYTimes.com.

Note to Ginny Thomas-Shut the F-ck up.