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‘Spider-Man – Turn Off the Dark’ – Review – “I saw ‘Spider-Man’ and slept”


Click above for the NYT review

‘Spider-Man – Turn Off the Dark’ at Foxwoods Theater – Review – NYTimes.com.

I’ll save my money and pass….there are so many other GOOD shows on and Off Broadway…and Off-Off Broadway.

Henry Rollins Turns 50 – Hard-Edged Black Flag Leader. Listen Now.

Henry Rollins

Soundcheck: Henry Rollins Turns 50 – WNYC. RIGHT NOW!

He’s rough, loud, and almost 50.

Soundcheck says Rollins is a Renaissance man.  Frontman of the hardcore punk band Black Flag, political commentator and columnist, actor, TV host, and more.

Gabrielle Giffords Casts Vote in Budget Battle

Gabby Giffords Casts Vote in Debt Battle!

Mark Kelly

Click for Astronaut Mark Kelly's Story of Dedication....

He is a dedicated professional. She is a dedicated congresswoman. Perfect match.

Josh Brolin: Travolta “Practiced Scientology” on Brando


Crazy on left

Brolin: Travolta “Practiced Scientology” on Brando | News | The Advocate.

This cult is a cult of self-absorbed crazy as _____ people. A cult. Not a religion. Sort of a few steps below Bill Henrickson’s tribe.

Watch every Super Bowl Commercial on YouTube..Right Now

YouTube – adblitz’s Channel.

Click on image for YouTube Channel of Commercials

I like the subtle ad by Sue Sylvester…

Eero Saarinen-Designed TWA Terminal 5 at JFK Could Be New York’s Next “Boutique” Hotel

Eero Saarinen-designed TWA terminal 5

Click on image for the story

TWA Terminal Could Be New York’s Next “Boutique” Hotel – Gothamist.

Could be a cool place to stay…but who wants to fly out of JFK?

The Huffington Post sold to AOL

AOL Buys Huffington Post

Congratulations Arianna. Don’t change things. And thanks again for the free bus trip to DC!